Hey Guys, I'm meeting with my lawyer on tuesday afternoon to discuss futher options on my disability case, wish me luck. I also found medical records from 1999 saying that I have chronic uti's since I was a child and that they all were negative and put me on…Read More


4 million people have this disease, that 1 out of every 77 people

ic help

here is a number to a Nation Patient Advocate to help with IC 1800 help ICA (4357422), u can also order the ICA Disability Set and ICA Personalized Disability Packet dont pass this up


new information on understanding disability and ssi benfits


Hey guys, i was denied my disability yesterday and I am so devastated. I feel like I was called a liar and feel hurt. I suffer from so much pain everyday. Just yesterday I had a flare and was in so much pain I cried for two hours. They said they didn't see me…Read More

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Thanks to all of you who have accepted the cause and helping me reach over 100 members in two days. I will be updating as much as possible when there is news.
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