Youtube video

an insite into the evacuations and local residents talking about their experiences.


Hi everyone, Narelle Harrison has set up a facebook group called Carisbrook Disaster Recovery. The website is 2011 The email address is [email protected] The site has up to date information on insurance meetings…Read More


Hi everyone, Congratulations . We have over 1500 people on this site now. That's an amazing effort. I have to say, I have a few pics to put up, but have had computer problems, and also not a lot of time of late, so I haven't had a chance to put up more pics…Read More

In Carisbrook Jan 2011

On January 14th, 2011, the township of Carisbrook was evacuated. This video was taken by my hubby. He was one of the many people who were sent out there to help evacuate the people. As you can see, the water was high enough even then, and it was hard to tell…Read More

another video clip from the same guy

This is the aftermath of the floods. It says it all.

Youtube Video clip footage

Hi everyone, I've just gone to Youtube, there are a few video clips posted on their. Thought I'd put some up.
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