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A FB cause needs our help desperately. Please read and respond. This is our opportunity to do something:

The New York Times called the attack brutal, but this went far beyond brutal. This was savagery.

Sixteen year old Paula Bohovesky was walking home from her part time job at the local library, when she was attacked by two grown men. They followed her to a shadowy place, hit her in the head with a chunk of concrete, then beat her until they thought she was dead. One of them raped and sodomized the presumably lifeless body, but when the second man moved in, Paula groaned in pain. They beat her again, and finally ended her life by stabbing her repeatedly, until all of the life literally drained out of her.

It brings me no joy to write the details of her death, but it is important to the cause of keeping these animals in jail. You see, they've served the minimum sentence - 25 years - and they are now up for parole every other year. Their third parole hearing is next month, and they will try to tell the world that they are rehabilitated – but if a man reaches adulthood and does not know that it is wrong to torture children, then 29 years in prison will not soften his sensibilities enough to absorb this fairly basic lesson.

A huge groundswell of support has begun for Paula's mother, who is now in her 70s, and who must face her daughter's killers every other year with a petition full of signatures to keep them in prison. A local judge has created an online petition, and an old classmate created a facebook cause page, to bring public awareness to the problem, and to help Mrs. Bohovesky in her endeavors.

That's where we come in.

This group needs our help, and they need it fast – the deadline for petition signatures is May 1. I’m asking all members to go to this cause, sign up and sign the petition. If each of us take thirty seconds of our time to help these people out, we can make the world a little bit safer for just a little bit longer.

Petition For Paula is at:

Thank you.

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