18 May African grey parrot update: final releases begin

Back in December 2007 we rescued 1220 African grey parrots of which approximately 700 birds were released within a few weeks of their arrival at the LWC. The remainder of the parrots had damaged feathers, from the glue that was used to catch them or from…Read More

08 May gorilla introduction

After our four new gorillas (The Taiping 4) were moved to the gorilla enclosure on the 24th of April, they first spent a little over a week to get used to the new environment and the proximity of 10 other gorillas. The two groups were watching each other a…Read More

06 May Takwai, new arrival

Takwai is our latest arrival. She was brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre on 30th April. She is a mona monkey of around 6 weeks old and upon arrival she weighed 345 grams. A hunter in Takwai forest killed her mother and brought it to a village. A woman who…Read More

02 May Ginger is the spice of gorilla life:

All of the gorillas at the LWC are in constant need of food, enrichment and care. Life in captivity can be crushingly dull, and bored wild animals will often develop psychological problems that impact on their physical health, and it is our responsibility to…Read More

02 May Update on the progress of the gorillas known as the ‘Taiping 4’

The four gorillas, which were transferred to the Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) in December 2007, have spent the last five months in quarantine. During this time all of the gorillas have adapted well to their new diet and living conditions. There have been no…Read More

06 April Adjibolo has a new mom!

Last week we started the introduction program of Adjibolo to the resident gorillas in the Limbe Wildlife Centre. We had selected Nyango as her new foster mother, as she seemed to be the one most interested in Bolo and we thought she would be easily managed…Read More

02 April Education

Every year the number of primates in the Limbe Wildlife Centre grows, because more victims of the bush meat trade are brought in. Although it is our job to take care of these primates, it is our ultimate goal to make ourselves redundant. It is through…Read More
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