To help building an ethical relationship between people and animals.

About ANDA - Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais (anda.jor.br): The media not only informs. It also establishes concepts, modifies ideas, influences decisions, defines values, propels major social and political changes, and makes individuals think, act and be. This is the Animal Rights News Agency ANDA's goal - to promote transformation with information. ANDA will disseminate to the media values of a new culture, one that is more ethical, fairer and more concerned with the defense and assertion of animal rights. It is the first news portal dedicated exclusively to facts and details of the animal world. With professionalism, seriousness and courage, ANDA will open an important channel of communication with journalists from all media types and put on the agenda issues that so far have not had received proper attention or were poorly discussed in the press. ANDA also wants to be used as a reference to the whole of society, answering questions and encouraging new attitudes, always from the point of view of animal rights. In addition to news, articles and blogs, ANDA will also have a radio with songs inspired by animals - another pioneering idea. ANDA: join us on this new path. Follow this trail! Humanity needs to take a step in this new direction.

1. Ethics

2. Non-violence

3. Sustainability

4. Animal rights guarantee

5. Respect to nature