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the truth of the matter

Often as I read through newspaper articles and comments left by others I read things like:
"its only them that don't work that are opposed to the cuts and reforms"
"its only the scroungers that are bothered about what is happening"
etc etc etc
But that is total and utter rubbish, I work and my partner works and I and anyone else with any common sense are opposed to the current reforms, not because it may affect us or may affect someone we know but because we know that what is happening is wrong, unjust, unfair and is for many people destroying their lives. They cut the social care services and tell people to use their DLA to meet the cost themselves, they cut the wheelchair vouchers (via the NHS) and tell people to use their DLA to buy one. They cut people off IB and then ESA and tell them they are fit for work, when it has been shown time and time again they was never fit for work at all (via appeal). They abolish community care grants and then slash the disability facilitation grant fund and time and time again people are told to meet the extra cost via DLA. But now they abolish DLA and replace it with PIP which will mean a MILLION people with a disability will yet again loss vital support and what for those that can no longer get help VIA PIP what for those that can then no longer have a carer? They cut the legal support via legal aid, so that people no longer have the support they need to fight back.

We the people must do everything in our power to stop these reforms, to stop this government from destroying so many peoples lives, stop this government from leaving so many people with a disability, their families and carers with out the vital support they need. But to make change happen we must all stand together, we must ALL show this government that we will not sit back and do nothing.

Help us to help everyone that needs support by signing and sharing our petitions.

Give people on carers allowance working tax credits sign @

stop the abolition of disability living allowance sign @

Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform, and a New Deal for sick & disabled people based on their needs, abilities and ambitions sign @

Save the UK justice sign @

thank you --Lisa


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