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Update on February 26, 2013

You don't have to be special to make a difference in some ones life, all you have to do is care and to not sit back and do nothing. I am nobody special, I am not rich nor would I consider myself poor (I am rich in Love). I am not well educated but nor would I consider myself stupid. Where some would not see it as their problem, to me its every ones problem. It does not matter where you came from, it does not matter if you have a disability or are a care giver. All that ever matters is you open your eyes and see the world around you. See the suffering of others and not just watch as if its not your problem. Its every ones problem. Its every ones right to have care when they need it and nobody should ever suffer in silence. We are all human and what makes us different from other animals in this world of ours, is empathy. But to truly care and empathies with others should mean that we don't let them suffer in silence. That we don't just walk by and not do any thing at all. I am nobody special and it does not take any body else to be special to make a difference to others. Make a difference be human please take our pledge @ (

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