Petition to implement the eleven UN recommentions in regards to disability cuts

Petition: the UK government to act on the eleven recommendations of the UNCRPD report As a result of being investigated by a United Nations committee for not fulfilling the terms of the UNCRPD, the government have been found guilty of grave & systematic…Read More

Change the DLA guide to reflect the needs of children with heart conditions.

12 children each day in the UK are born with heart defects, others acquire them due to viruses. Outcomes for these children have never been better with surgical advances, but they need supervision, care and medication to allow them to live longer lives. Many…Read More

#TeamRossendale #EndHunger campaign #BeTheChange

took part in the team Rossendale End Hunger Campaign today. No one should go to bed hunger, No one should have to choose between heat or eat. This campaign supports people in the UK and the world. These events are happening across the UK so please join a…Read More

Wanting to make a difference

May as well let the cat out the bag and put it out there I have been asked to stand in the local elections for greenfield Ward Rossendale Labour this May and have happily agreed to do so. It is an honour to be asked to stand as a labour candidate. There…Read More

Access to the countryside and the need to protect it

dear Member We are writing to to back the campaign to keep Rossendale green, which is a campaign against over development and the protection of the countryside. Rossendale is an amazing valley located in the East of Lancashire, which in turn suffers from…Read More

Reverse The ESA Cuts #DAACSS @lisabloor

Dear Member I am writing to ask you to help us stand up against the recent cuts that the UK government has forced through. The Lords have tried their best to stop this disgusting cut which will yet again hit some of the most vulnerable people in…Read More

Another vital service, another vital petition

As time goes by we face more and more cuts that are vital to our public services. We must stand up and oppose these cuts,cue must send a real message to central government that we the people will not sit back and do nothing well the distroy our communities,…Read More
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