Traitors Gate

We now have over 500 members supporting the cause in the 3 weeks it was created. Please circulate this cause to colleagues,friends famliy & the wider Trade Union Movement. If you know your local MP also forward on to them as well, we need every bit of…Read More

well done

Well done to all who have joined the cause, 501 members, but have you invited everyone you know?

289 Members in three days well done everyone can we gat another 300 in the next 3 days

Many thanks to those who have supported the cause, but more can be done please sgare this cause with you freinds & family. Keep the Post for the Public not for private profiters.

All MP,s who vote to see Royal Mail should be taken via Traitors Gate to the Tower of London

The CWU are activley opposing the Privitisation of the Royal Mail. We do not need to be privitasied to become the market leader in the delivery of mail in the UK, we are the market leader now we are the only mail delivery company thats meets the Universal…Read More
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