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We are changing the acceptance of silence

Silence is the lesson we have taught throughout generations, centuries, about the deviate acts of violence and abuse. Since the beginning of mankind we have allowed these human behaviors to be passed on to the next generation. Today however, finally things are beginning to change. The absolute best possible resource, the internet and our social sites have allowed us to share our voices around the world. Our children are watching what we are doing and they are reading our posts, our shares, blogs, websites. When they feel isolated by all the pain, they are turning to the net to find a source of understanding and support. We are the NEW GENERATION and we are BREAKING DOWN THE WALL OF SILENCE.

I ask all of those who are speaking up to click on this cause to show support of the new generation making abuse and violence NO LONGER acceptable within our homes. This is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of hope and recovery.

It used to be the only voice we had was our own, now we have millions who are talking, advocating, and helping to change what has always been seen as so normal. Please join with me and the 1500 other voices who have made the choice to help their children cope, find courage, speak up and not feel ashamed because of what someone has done to them. The days of blaming our children for the continued rape or molestation is over. The days of blaming the rape victim is over. The days of shaming the one who cannot escape a violent relationship is over.

We are STOP WHISPERING, part of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery and we ask you to join with us here and be a voice for one who has not yet found theirs. We are GENERATION NO MORE!!! Thank you


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