Break the silence of Child Abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic Battery

Raise awareness of the crimes of child abuse, sexual assault & domestic battery. Often the victims of these crimes are kept in silence. They are afraid to speak out for fear of the degrading, shameful experience that it can be. Much of my life was lived in brutallity. As a child I waited for someone to be brave enough to challenge my stepfather. As a woman I had learned to accept these attacks; leaving me & my children stuck in that vicious cycle of abuse. Accepting more brutal attacks against me; but knowing I had to protect my children as well as provide for them. We do not want our children & grandchildren to grow in this atmosphere. We want them to feel safe when speaking out or reaching out for help!! Give your voice and help a victim become a survivor. Our mission to raise ONE MILLION VOICES OF PROTECTION for the people that cannot speak out for themselves. Thank You!

1. Allow survivors of abuse to speak openly without being shamed.

2. Teach our children that it is not a crime to be abused, but instead a crime to abuse a child.

3. All survivors need support to pass through their pain and walk away from the shame.