new friends?

have you started a new game since the last time you looked at this? perhaps you can send out this request to them? Also, be sure to explain to those that have not joined that this is NOT someplace they have to go to... people seem to be getting confused there…Read More

(no subject)

we are moving up there with the number of members showing their support, but can we get more? have you invited everyone on your list? even if you don't think some will join, you may be surprised. have you accepted new friends you could tell them about this?…Read More

can we make it to 2,000 by the end of today???

alright, here is a challenge, it's 1:20pm my time and i am wondering if we can make it to 2,000 members by midnight my time. i believe we can do this! it is such an important cause and why would people NOT want to take the time to click join? it only takes a…Read More

here we go... a challenge!! :)

as of now we have 1,893 members... can we make it to 2,000 by midnight?? that is about 6 more hours my time. remind, invite, ask in emails, whatever it takes!! the other group was challenged to make 5,000 by midnight of tonight and is already past that! now…Read More

yahoo and facebook group

i finally started a yahoo & facebook group so we can discuss things, store pictures and links, etc. facebook does't have those features but at least we are on facebook.. that is why i started the yahoo group, for those that to be more involved... i hope…Read More

started a group for discussions and such

well i started a facebook group but it won't allow you to post pictures or links.. it's called CARING FOR THOSE WITH DISABILITIES.... feel free to join us!! HOWEVER: i also started a group on yahoo.... i do like how they have things set up. the only…Read More

are you still motivated?

we have 1,853 members which is great!! the other "event" that many seem to misunderstand thinking they have to attend something actually has very close to 4,000!!!! are you doing all you can to help raise our numbers? im going to start passing out forms to…Read More
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