To raise awareness and help prevent suicide among gay and lesbian teens.

Raising awareness and helping to prevent suicide among gay teens.

I started this cause in 2011 because I am tired of sitting on the sidelines and reading about these senseless deaths, knowing that I could do more to help prevent them. Awareness and education about this is part of the solution. Every little bit helps.

It's important to understand that being gay itself is not a risk factor for suicide. Rather, the negative treatment that many gay and lesbian teens endure can lead to suicide and suicidal feelings.

Here are some other stats:

* Nine out of 10 LGBT students (86.2%) experienced harassment at school; three-fifths (60.8%) felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation; and about one-third (32.7%) skipped a day of school in the past month because of feeling unsafe.

* LGBT students are three times as likely as non-LGBT students to say that they do not feel safe at school (22% vs. 7%) and 90% of LGBT students (vs. 62% of non-LGBT teens) have been harassed or assaulted during the past year.

* Sexual minority youth, or teens that identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, are bullied two to three times more than heterosexuals.

* Almost all transgender students had been verbally harassed (e.g., called names or threatened in the past year at school because of their sexual orientation (89%) and gender expression (89%))

* LGBT youth in rural communities and those with lower adult educational attainment face particularly hostile school climates.

* Lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents are 190 percent more likely to use drugs and alcohol than are heterosexual teens.

* It is estimated that between 20 and 40 percent of all homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender

* 62% of homeless LGB youth will attempt suicide at least once—more than two times as many as their heterosexual peers.

1. One-third of all teenagers who commit suicide are gay.

2. Gay youth youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.

3. Gay youth who come from highly rejecting families are more than 8 times as likely to attempt suicide then peers from accepting families.

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