To lawfully Amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent the corruption of public servants

*** Needed:
Persons who are willing to help make the signing of an online petition go viral... for the purpose of setting in motion referendums in all 50 States followed by a national convention of representatives from all 50 States in order to ratify Constitutional Amendments without the input of WA DC beltway politicians beholden to Conglomerate Corporations engaged in the pilfering of our U.S. Treasury, the export of good paying jobs and the unlawful oppression of our citizens.

We'll need a couple good Constitutional Lawyers and a small web team to come forward and volunteer to change the face of American Politics without revolution.

Without the permanent removal of corporate lobbyists, unlimited corporate campaign contributions and corporate rights of personhood, our current economic situation can only get worse.


1. The Federal Government is broken due to Corporate ownership of public servants.

2. The Federal Government's public servants (legislators) are not willing to give up Corporate Contributions through enactment of federal legislation.

3. Your vote means nothing when the same corporations own all parties with unlimited campaign contributions.

4. Corporations are not 'persons' and should not be treated as such by the judiciary branch of government.

5. The U.S. Constitution must be amended to revoke the rights of corporate personhood and campaign contributions to restore balance to government