Back the World Champion Green Bay Packers!

Since our cause is still gaining members, I thought I'd send an update to let everyone know that we are at 61,000+ members. Now I know we can make it to 100,000 members before next season! I hope everyone has been basking in the glory of the win! Living in…Read More

Today is the day! What the heck happened to our momentum?

We need more members for our cause! BACK THE PACK SHOW THEM WE ARE 100% BEHIND THEM TODAY AS THEY BRING HOME THE LOMBARDI TROPHY. HOME TO TITLETOWN WHERE IT BELONGS!! Lets see how many more we can get before the game! Thanks for all the help in promoting…Read More

Half-way there and three days to go!

Congratulations! We're just over 50,000 fans here to Back The Pack! Unfortunately, we're only about half-way to our goal of 100,000 fans behind the Packers before the Super Bowl. We've been on an upswing in membership the last two days. Yesterday, we had…Read More

Back the Pack - Have we stalled????

Where have all the Packer fans gone? We are just over 42,000. How are we going to make it to 100,000 by Sunday without help? Please send out cause invitations. Remember, there is no cost involved in this. We can certainly beat the Steelers fans! I've heard…Read More

Back the Pack - All the way to the Super Bowl

27,000+ have backed the Pack. Keep sending the cause invite to your family and friends. On our way to 100,000 fans for the Packers!!!!!! Thanks to all! Margie

Super Bowl Bound!

11,847 members have gotten our Packers to NFC Champions. Lets show them we're behind them by getting 100,000 fans behind them before the Super Bowl. Keep the cause going! Thanks, Margie

And the game begins

We are nearly 11,000 strong! We'll make 100,000 by the SUPER BOWL!! kEEP IT UP!!! Thank you all, Margie
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