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Allan Connors Animal Cruelty & Abandoment Charges WERE DROPPED!!!

HELLO MEMBERS .... the animal cruelty/abandoment charges against Allan Connor have BEEN DROPPED.... I NEED OUR MEMBERS NOW MORE THAN EVER... within another day or two, I will have a bullention update... it will included, physical addresses and emails ....and 2 letters that can be PRINTED & MAILED OUT.

We NEED! to flood their desks now with letters, we need to make officials realize we ARE NOT going away. We need to make them aware that this cause has almost 4 thousand members who are demanding change & demanding the proper charges be sought agains Allan Connor.

PLEASE GET YOUR PRINTER INK/PAPER READ, grab a few stamps .. I will be sending out a bullention shortly with all the information WE need to flood their desks, they need to know we want change, we want these dogs rescued.

We have 3,659 members .... HOW MANY LETTERS CAN WE SEND?????? If half or more than half OR ALL OF US mail letters, they would have NO room on their desk to ignore us. Prepare for the follow up bullention.

Thank You!!
Sincerely Ramona Silvia
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