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You Asked for Email - Here it is. PLEASE EMAIL THE FOLLOWING...

WRITE TO SAVE the 58 Border Collies
We have drafted a letter for all to use - along with all the email addresses that it should be sent to in the SAME email - so that everyone knows who else got the same email!!
Due to the fact that phone conversations are getting us no where and we have no hard proof of what is being said in our conversations with them......PLEASE FLOOD WITH EMAILS!!!! BE SURE TO SIGN YOUR NAME & PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS LETTER.
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Good Day to all receiving this communication,

I am writing today concerning the 58 Border Collies in the "care" of Mr A. Conner (Munford TN) and the more than 6 State Violations that Mr. Conner has breached. These laws are in place not to be compromised and are there for a reason.

Please review these laws taken from (and can also be found at: - bottom of the page)

Mr. Connor is in breach of several laws, specifically defined in

pg 53. Section 44-17-703 Application for Licensing of a Commercial Breeder.(**his license had not been renewed at the time and was functioning as a Breeder under the State with an expired license and with the AKA and ABCA, as specified on 2 of his websites that we have screen shots of)

pg.54 section 44-17-704 Requirements for Licensure - License not transferrable or assignable - Posting of License - Use of License - Disclaimer.(** Conner had bold print Disclaimers on his 2 websites, stating the dogs were not Vet checked or certified, yet, he apparently had his Vet come on the property to do an inspection, who claimed ALL dogs had updated Rabies Shots and were in good health - SO which is it? Why the legal Disclaimer if the dogs were up to date on Rabies and in "good health"? And why didn't his Animal Cruelty Charges with hold under the circumstances being he had to be TOLD to take care of the 58 Dogs in his care??)

pg.54 section 44-17-405 Renewal of License

(** A. Conner allowed his license to Expire and only renewed it because he was CAUGHT without one - and why has he been allowed to renew? The mere fact that Conner had to be TOLD to provide - shelter, bedding, clean up debris, replace tarps which are useless in protection of wildlife and to remove 2 shelters that were broken in half - ARE CLEARLY actions of Neglect and Abuse over a long period of time! On top of leaving them unattended for 24 hrs - how many times have these animals been left unattended for 24 hrs???)

pg.54 section 44-17-406 Reason commissioner may refuse to issue or renew a license, may revoke or suspend a license or impose other discipline - Penalties - Appeal of order -Injunctive relief - Payment of costs of investigation and prosecution (this is basically described in my comment above in brackets)

pg.55 section 44-17-707 Annual report to commissioner

***(Did Conner receive renewal notices? Did he file an Annual Report to the Commissioner even though he allowed his license to Expire?)

pg.55 section 44-17-708 Inspections

(** AC reportedly said "it was not like this at our last inspection" - when was the last inspection? It takes time for a property to look as bad as it did! And why was no mention made of the cpl of Dogs that had to be euthanized?)

pg.56 section 44-17-709 Notification of local law enforcement by commissioner of animal offenses

*** (several of...


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