We are trying to save the lives of 58 dogs who are left out alone in a secluded area with little food water and human contact, exposed to the elements, disease and predators.

Right now there are 58 Dogs found in Munford TN. owned by a self-proclaimed breeder named Alan Connor.
The 58 dogs are kept in a wooded area that is part of Mr. Connors 75 acres and are left unattended, with exception of, to what Mr Connor claims, two visits a day. There are no occupied residences where they are being kept.

In news report, neighbors have claimed that the dogs are not visible, but they can be heard barking throughout the night. This barking brings a nuisance to the community, as well as endangerment to dogs. Dogs bark when wildlife predators are in the vicinity, to notify wildlife predators, there is a pack, in attempts to ward off the predators.

These poor dogs are kept in open pens and are in danger of predators, especially when some of the dogs are birthing, which naturally, draws predators to the area!

Their food and water will also draw out wildlife since they are so secluded and there is a significant lack of human attendance.

According to the State laws revised for 2010 - depicted at:

Mr. Connor is in breach of several laws, specifically defined on

pg 53. Section 44-17-703 Application for Licensing of a Commercial Breeder.
pg.54 section 44-17-704 Requirements for Licensure - License not transferrable or assignable - Posting of License - Use of License - Disclaimer.
pg.54 section 44-17-405 Renewal of License
pg.54 section 44-17-406 Reason commissioner may refuse to issue or renew a license, may revoke or suspend a license or impose other discipline - Penalties - Appeal of order -Injunctive relief - Payment of costs of investigation and prosecution
pg.55 section 44-17-707 Annual report to commissioner
pg.55 section 44-17-708 Inspections
pg.56 section 44-17-709 Notification of local law enforcement by commissioner of animal offenses
pg.56 section 44-17-710 Violations - Penalties (in lieu of the preceding breaches, combined with the number of animals in care, to my knowledge, fines of such have not been distributed)

Also, Mr. Connor was sited for a simple 24 hr notice in breach of Cruelty to Animals - in lieu of the fact, he did not attend the area where the dogs are kept, however, according and in review of
pg. 26 section 39-14-202 Cruelty to animals
(2) Fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care and shelter for animals in the person's custody.
** With cold/winter conditions, Mr. Connor apparently has 6 signed statements saying he visits the property twice daily - however, in freezing weather, water has been noticed to have frozen and necessary or adequate shelter is not provided for cold weather conditions under the said laws.

Due to the lack of space provided for the dogs, they cannot exercise or run, which also helps them keep warm.
Two crates/cages used for “shelter”- were noted to be literally broken in half! This fact has been documented.
There is no necessary or adequate shelter for his 58 dogs and citations have not been administered as such!

This issue needs to be addressed and sited with a 30 day notice to comply - individually for his 58 dogs, which has not been done!

These dogs need to be saved but TN law enforcement has done little to help them! This man has broken a multitude of laws and yet nothing has been done! A few citations and these poor dogs continue to suffer! Something must be done about this!
To read the full extent of what Connor has done visit this site

Please email [email protected] about this! They may be able to help save these animals and if many people email them they will be surely do something to help these dogs!