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2 more days, to assist the TSAVO CHEETAH POPULATION!


Please click on the Crowdwise link, below. If only 74 people donate $10 we will meet our goal of $1,500 to continue our critical cheetah monitoring through the season... Please help where you can and email, share on FB to friends and family!xx

These are just a few of the cheetahs we are currently monitoring around the Tsavo East national park, in Kenya. Tracking and monitoring of this population is so important because the protected land is unfenced, thus the same cheetahs that inhabit the park also cross boundaries, where multiple tribal communities reside. This often causes conflict, since many local people keep both large and small bodied livestock and also fear the cheetah. Of course, cheetahs do not know boundaries, and in many instances this threatened cat is not even the actual culprit. Nevertheless, if a cheetah is seen in the daytime hours, they are the species blamed and therefore retaliated against... Along with our community programs which are expanding, monitoring cheetahs by tracking of spoor, sighting reports, and infrared camera traps is the only way to verify their location and any potential conflict with residents, in order to ensure their protection and survival.
Please assist us, in whatever amount you can, so that we can continue with the essential monitoring of these-- and many other cheetahs, along-side our solution-based community programs. With gratitude โ€“ Tsavo Cheetah Project

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