Thanks Esmae!!

Dear Sporting Club The Commonwealth Bank has donated $5 million to establish a grants program to assist community groups affected by the floods. The Commonwealth Bank Community Group Flood Assistance Grants Program is open to groups who have suffered damage…Read More


The Charlton community would like to kindly thank everyone for the donations received this week. With over 400 homes affected, many community members are very grateful for your kindness!

Still needing lots of help!

Hey everyone, as a fortnight approaches for this terrible disaster- clean up is still taking place (I know my parents only have around 3 rooms back in place). The community is still in desperate need for helping hands. The people are tired and are needing a…Read More

Donations for Flood Recovery:

Hi Alana, Hope you are well and the clean up is going as good as can hope. You may already know, but just in case, Bendigo Bank has now got a weblink to make tax free donations to assist Charlton in the flood…Read More

Thank-you everyone

Today tears were brought to my eyes as I entered my parents house and my brothers house to see countless strangers helping move everything and clean. Your kindness will not be forgotten. My family and the community are extremely grateful for the support and…Read More

Charlton Post Office needs desperate help!

Charlton Post Office is opening so mail can be delivered to the locals... however, the house and business which was completely inundated with water is not getting cleaned. If you can help out please head down there today.

Few phone numbers for Charlton and surrounding districts.

0400949592 Carmel- in town 19/01/10 to help clean up 0409147087 or 0434384969 Cummins and Noonan- for free fuse checks and reconnecting power. 0438743121 CFA Mallee- be there on the weekend to assist with stranded sheep
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