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Urge President Obama to Lead on Global Warming Standards

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is crafting long-delayed standards that will force our nation’s dirtiest coal plants and oil refineries to clean up their act. These standards will curb dangerous global warming emissions and other harmful pollution, protecting the public's health and the environment.

However, the powerful coal and oil industries are putting enormous pressure on the Obama administration to shelve any such health or environmental standards.

Already, in early September, President Obama broke his promise to set a science-based standard for ground-level ozone—a primary component of smog that’s linked to serious lung diseases like asthma and a problem that will likely get worse in a warmer world. And now, the EPA has twice delayed the release of its proposed standard to reduce global warming emissions from power plants.

The Obama administration needs to hear from you that the oil and coal lobbyists don’t represent your interests and that you want the EPA and the White House to protect your health from dangerous global warming emissions and toxic air pollution.

Tell President Obama that you are disappointed in his decision to shelve the new ozone standard, and that you expect the White House to allow the EPA to enact strong Clean Air Act standards that reduce global warming emissions.

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