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Time to Break through the Politics and Act on Climate Share

The recent oil spill in the gulf coast could easily become the nation's worst environmental catastrophe in history, affecting wildlife, land, and fishing industries across the gulf and even up the eastern seaboard. And the tragic loss of life at the Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia was the country's worst mine disaster in four decades.

It's time for America to choose cleaner energy—we must move away from outdated, dirty energy sources to smarter choices. New clean energy and energy efficiency technologies will create safe, green jobs, provide power without contaminating our land, water, and air, and will help curb global warming pollution.

Unfortunately, the Senate has yet to overcome the political impasse that is delaying action on this critical issue. Please tell President Obama and Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Policy, that we need their leadership to break this impasse and ensure that Congress passes comprehensive climate and energy legislation this year.

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