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Is the Ron Paul Revolution Dead?

Rumor has been circulating in the media that Ron Paul has quit the race. This rumor is simply untrue. Ron Paul plans to contest all upcoming Republican primaries and will take his fight all the way to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN this September. This is why Ron Paul supporters must continue to push to become delegates to state and national Republican conventions.

This rumor is mainly in response to a video released March 6th on, titled "Ron Paul's Message to Supporters." The video details the new the direction the campaign will take: educating the public about the virtues of freedom, sound money, and non-interventionism and supporting like-minded, pro-liberty Republican candidates for political office. A link to the video can be found on the Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America Cause front page.

Here is an announcement by Rand Paul (Ron Paul's son) regarding these recent rumors:

Rand Paul: Is the Revolution Over or Just Beginning? (3/10/08)

by Rand Paul, MD | March 8, 2008

Reports that Ron Paul has quit the Presidential Race remind me of Mark Twain's famous "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." The Ron Paul Presidential campaign continues, albeit at a different pace.

What does that mean?

Ron Paul will continue to contest the remaining primaries. Ron Paul's name will be on all the remaining state ballots. Ron Paul volunteers are encouraged to become precinct captains, delegates to state and national conventions, and to try pass Constitutional proposals to each state's Republican platform.

For example, volunteers in each state should try to attach amendments such as the following: Republicans believe that war should only be fought after a proper Declaration of War by Congress. Another possible platform idea is that: Republican Congressmen are expected to vote against any federal budget, Republican or Democrat, that is not balanced.

Want to have some fun? Just imagine the fun when the debate begins on these ideas.

Is Ron Paul still campaigning for president? Yes. Ron Paul has tentative plans to campaign in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Ron Paul will also likely appear in other states that have remaining primaries.

The press is reporting that Ron Paul has quit the race. This is not true. Ron Paul's video simply acknowledges that the campaign will continue but will also transform into additional activities such as education and supporting other candidates. In Kentucky we just held precinct conventions and Ron Paul Republicans won hundreds of precinct captains. In Kyle, Texas, Craig Young upset the establishment choice for Republican County Chairman.

The Ron Paul Revolution lives on! Victory comes in many forms. Help shape what the Ron Paul revolution becomes.

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