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Happy Thankgiving to all my members!!

It's that time of year again. We gather around the table to eat with our families, and watch some football. Some of us will go out of town to be there with family. All of these things are reasons we should be thankful, and grateful for. 4 things at the top of my head, I am most grateful for. 1. My immediate family,2. Myjob, 4. and of course YOU!! my loyal Facebookcause members. I am most grateful for the past 2 years for being involved in this Pantera Tour Cause I started.... well? nearly 2 years ago. It's been a long road that was met with criticism and for the most part with and unfavorable crowd. I am confident that this bunch has come to realize what will ultimately be the best for rock since Dimebag saved it the first time around. Please do us all a favor, and help spread this cause by talking about it with your friends, and by inviting yourfriends to the site. Send out as much invites as possible. Thanks a billion... Frank M. AKA, -P.T.C. FOUNDER

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