My Cause is to get Vinnie Paul To Work things out with phill and rex and maybe get them to do some shows with Zakk Wylde at guitar.

I have Posted several Im's to Vinnie, But he continues to elude the thought of doing a reunion with Phill and Rex. It doesn't have to be Zakk Wylde It can Be any great guitarist out there willing to fill in those awesome metal fingers of the Great Dime Bag Darrell. There will never be another Dime Bag, But that can't stop us from Giving him a tribute Tour In his honor. Imagine the tour, Panteras Tribute to Dime Bag Darrell tour. We can do this if we get enough people to listen to this cause. Please Help.

1. My goal is to recruit as many members to the cause as possible in order to get Vinnie to listen to what we have to say. We want Metal Back!!

2. I would love to see the tour line up starting with Down, BLS,Hellyeah and ending it with Pantera,

3. My ultimate goal is to get the three back together and save Metal once again. I am not happy about the guys current standing Please Vinnie forgive.