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Yome Azadi --15th August.

Jashn E Azadi/Yome Azadi 15th August. Tamaam (All) Hindustaniyon /Indians/Bhartiyon ko Mubarak Ho. Hamara Maqsad (Motto) Nationalism ho Hum Sachhe /Pakke/True Nationalist bane Hamare Mulk ka naam Saari Duniyan main Buland O Bala karen .Hamara Maqsad Ekta…Read More

Rakshabandhan Mubarak

Rakshabandhan is a Festival to Show Love , Respect , and Care Between Sister/Brother in Particular & for All Human Beings at Large. We Should Follow the Spirit of this Beautiful Festival in our Social and Family Life .


Have a Happy GOOD FRIDAY------The Day To Remember Hazrat Esa Maseeh (A.S.W). The Day To Remember His Good Deeds His Sacrifice To save Humanity ,His Massage of Peace & Love for all .--- We should practice all Good Massages. Regards


My Cordial Congratulations- ---------------------------------------------------To Indian Cricket Team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Members/Supporters of ----------CAUSE-----------Declare-------BHOPAL…Read More

Holi Greetings

Holi Greetings to all Cause Members/Friend---- Holi gives a massage of togetherness, Unity and Celebration . this gives an understanding to all That, Life is having different Colors ---so we should enjoy our festivals to spread love and peace in the Society.

Declare-Bhopal City of Peace.

Dear friends, Every day of our life is precious ,we should choose good massages /good work from those people who are the Beckon of Peace for all Human beings living around the World . Today is a day of Peace .-------The day of Prophet Hazrat…Read More
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