Support Special Needs Children and Adults. STOP GOVERMENT CUTS

The Goverment cuts are going to affect most people admittedly, however to cope with a special needs child or adult is very demanding and difficult, alot of us are isolated in our homes and are in a world of our own, because even though society is better than what it was, there is still a stigma attached to us, This is difficult enough to cope with, thats why there is help provided from all aspects of care and education, to get our Special Needs children and Adults into the community. To give them a better quality of life. Take this away and we are secluded. The Cuts that the goverment are bringing into force will take away their independence which they have grown to love. Jobs will go, Equipment, Care which includes both personal and social. Education will be affected, Respite Care, but most of all the dignity of the service user. Please support this cause and make a person with special needs stay special.

1. This group is for people who feel strongly about the goverment cuts for CHILDREN AND ADULTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS