Hi everyone, Thanks and welcome to our newest members, slowly the numbers are going up! lovely to see we have members not only here in Australia but also in the states and various other parts of the world. If any of our members want to share stories, add…Read More

Another crazy idea from our half assed government

Echuca’s alcohol and drug rural withdrawal program will be axed at the end of the month, placing more demand on the district’s already stretched health services. The latest 12-month contract for the federally funded program, which has been provided through…Read More

Moving forward!

Hi, I just thought I would update all my lovely members on progress. There's an upcoming article in the Herald Sun, I will post the date when I know a definate one, we also have the bulletin via ANNEX organization that is due to be published soon. And with…Read More

Online petitions

Hi there everyone, I have just met a lady via my online petition, her name is Martha Armstrong and she is also pursuing the same cause I am. Here's a link to her online petition if you would be kind enough to take a minute to…Read More

Can you help?

Hi all, thankyou so much again for everyone who has recently taken the time to join my cause page. If anyone would be kind enough to send on some invites to friends or family I would really appreciate it, we only need 9 more recruits to reach the goal of…Read More


Hi all, just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have recently joined my cause page. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so, 19 more and finally we hit 1,000 !! I have an upcoming article in the herald sun, I will be sure to let you know the…Read More

Outcome of first inquest

Monitor all prescription drugs: coroner Wed, 15 Feb, 6:17 PM A young Melbourne man knew his prescription drug addiction was slowly killing him as it claimed his job, his love life and his finances. But it was too easy for James to feed his habit, as he spent…Read More
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