New Website Up and Running!

You have not heard from us in a long time and this is why, we've been developing a new website and it is now up and running! Please visit and contribute!

(Fwd) Wanted: US host families for YFU non-profit international youth exchange programs

... a vast majority of us is looking back not only on a unique academic and social experience, but also on an exciting intercultural adventure - an opportunity we would hardly want to miss. With this email I would like to invite you, your families and friends…Read More

New Website and Accomplishments

Our new website is finally up. Please visit and check it out. How your donations have contributed to International Education, Cultural Cohesion, and Global Unity: -10 Children sponsored for 1 year of education in Indonesia through…Read More


Dear Friend, On behalf of the international medical aid organization, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) I'd like to invite you to visit A REFUGEE CAMP IN THE HEART OF THE CITY, our outdoor interactive exhibit appearing in San Francisco's…Read More

Intern or Volunteer with Foundation for Sustainable Development

Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) Intern or Volunteer abroad this fall with a local organization in Africa, Asia or Latin America. Gain development experience and build your resume toward an international career.…Read More

10 Children Sponsored for Education in Indonesia

10 Indonesian children have been sponsored to receive one full year of education! Thanks to those of you who have donated and received your Unity t-shirts. All your donations have gone directly to these children, as everyone working between you and them is…Read More
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