Australian Rock Band Powder Finger re-form for QLD Flood Appeal Gig.

POWDERFINGER have confirmed they will not reform for any flood relief gig.

Signatures! For Gillard to donate proportion of wages for total year towards QLD and VIC Flood Effected Victims

Insurance companies now claiming that consumers effected by the recent QLD and VIC mass flooding are not covered. Gillard needs to revoke insruance companies policies. Spreading the word out can create a mass-scale change. Gillard should donate proportion of…Read More

Gillard to deduct a proportion of her wages towards flood effected victims

A suggestive idea of consideration towards Gillard deducting a proportion of her wages for the total year and donating towards Flood Effected victims, both state and interstate. Also changing the policies of insurance companies reaping the benefits of…Read More
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