Changing diagnosis.

When your loved one was diagnosed what emotions did you go through? And what would you do if like Norm's you were suddenly told your diagnosis was wrong? Find out how Norm Mac is dealing with being told he has a different diagnosis to the one he received 4…Read More

Early Onset Dementia

Anybody out there have relatives or loved ones with early onset Dementia? I'm looking for people to share their experiences to help other out there who are struggling to come to terms with a diagnosis. My grandmother was diagnosed at 35! with two small…Read More

Our Dementia Awareness Page.

We are currently redesigning out Dementia Awareness page and who better to ask about the content on there, but the experts! The people who know first hand what Dementia does to loved ones, this is the current page what do you think is…Read More


Do you or your loved ones have experience of Aphasia? Why not share your experiences to help people understand what it is and how at affects people, If you have a story to share feel free to email me on [email protected] I will try and reply to…Read More

Sundown Anxiety.

Our guest blogger Gary talks about sundown anxiety in his newest blog, a little known part of having dementia. He also gives some tips that might help alleviate that problem, these tips he used with his own father.

Some more tips for Dementia Carers.

People with dementia deserve to maintain their dignity and independence, which is why I've written some tips to help you ensure that happens. People with Dementia are still people so instead of taking away their independence, why not just adjust tasks to fit…Read More

New Cause page to support carers!

All of you carers out there, come along and support others, share ideas and lend a friendly shoulder to carers across the globe This group was set up so carers can support each other and get advice from reliable sources.
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