Gathering of The Feminine Leaders of the World Ceremony

We are making a campaign to bring the Leaders of the Feminine, of the world, Please help us, adopt an elder, we need at least 30,000 to make it possible, we will bring The Leaders from Asia, New Zeland, Afrika, South America, Mexico, as well as many around…Read More

144 Women, Giving Birth to a New World Ceremony!!!

…And Like the Phoenix Rising from the ashes So are you… …Time to give birth a new you! The Great Mother is calling you, Daughters of the Great Mother , Listen! My sisters, My Mothers and Grandmothers, My Daughters and Granddaughters it is our…Read More

“Emerging of the Feminine Ceremony” in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4th, 2011.

Beautiful People, Bring this incredible ceremony to Minneapolis. Please donate to bring the ancient teachings forward. Come and join us!!!! Contact Trish at [email protected] for more details. Please share this with everyone you know. This promises to…Read More

Honoring the Sacred Mother Water Ceremony

Tis is our time! Check this video Help us to bring this powerful Ceremony! JULY 28, 2012 in Aztlan! Rock Lake Wisconsin... The land of the Ancestors

returning to the indigenous ceremonies for women

Time to remember our Indigenous ceremonies for women, time to go back to mama for she is calling... Everything starts with a woman, she is the temple and the altar... we are remembering together! join the cause, volunteer, share, donate to the cause, and Come…Read More

Join us for a powerful ceremony! and help us to bring this one foward

Ceremony of Mother Water, join us, July 28, 2012

Support Indigenous

Get Involved! Volunteer! Donate! we truly need to bring the ceremonies for women back. Let's remember together.

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