Raising awareness about cancers of the female reproductive organs

Visit www.helpthehoohahs.org. Gyn cancers involve any cancer of the reproductive organs in women. This includes ovarian, cervical, endometrial, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancers. Approximately 1 in every 20 women (5%) will be diagnosed with a gyn cancer in their lifetime. This means someone you know will likely face this deadly type of cancer. More than 85,000 women were diagnosed with a gyn cancer in 2010 alone and more than 20,000 died. The goal of this site is education, awareness and prevention. Women over the age of 18 should have yearly physical exams and pap smears and should know the symptoms of gyn cancers. Also, all parents need to have their daughters and sons vaccinated against HPV with Guardasil by age 12. This is a simple vaccine to that can prevent cancer!Please help us spread the word! It could save the life of someone you know!

1. Approximately 1 in every 20 women (5%) will be diagnosed with a gynecological cancer in their lifetime.

2. More than 85,000 were diagnosed with a gynecolocial cancer in 2010 and more than 20,000 died.

3. Cervical cancer, the most common gyn cancer, is typically caused by the HPV virus.

4. More than 80% of women will be exposed to the HPV virus by age 50 and the virus can often be prevented by a simple vaccine.

5. By having a yearly gyn exam (pap smear), the signs of gyn cancer may be detected early, before full-blown cancer develops.