Don’t cry Dr. Tassi; Kaciulis rebukes BRHA CEO King, complains to College

Ann Kaciulis Round 3: For those of you whomissed it, this is round 3 of the Ann Kaciulischronicle. Kaciulis is a proud and brave First
Nation advocate who accuses the Burntwood Regional Health Authority (BRHA) of misdiagnosing her, ignoring her pleas for pain and mismanaging her case. In the public interest she drew up a lengthy complaint that was especially critical of Dr. Hisham Tassi, whom she accused of ignoring her complaint of pain
from her hernia. She also accused Dr. Tassi of making her “feel dirty” and “like a pig”. She eventually “fled” to Winnipeg where she received proper treatment. Gloria King’s phone call and plea:
According to Kaciulis, CEO Gloria King phoned on May 8th (the day my columncame out on the web) but “didn't find” Kaciulis. Ms. King phoned again the following day (May 9th) and informed Kaciulis that
the BRHA had received “a lot of flack” because I published her story. King also told her that “Dr. Tassi was really hurt by the
columns (Boo hoo, cry baby, can I get you a popsicle, Dr. Tassi? Maybe a lollipop!) More important, King staked the claim that "since Dr. Tassi apologized (by phone)", the BRHA were expecting a retraction from Kaciulis. King also told Kaciulis “we had always had a good relationship” and wondered why Kaciulis had gone to the media. Kaciulis’s reply was “I didn’t go to the media,
he (Guisti) found me.” Kaciulis rebuffs Gloria King: Kaciulis
rebuffed Ms. King by asking why King had taken so long to get in touch with her personally (e.g. “Where were you back in October?” (Kaciulis sent an e-mail to Gloria King in October with her complaints) and “Why didn’t you call me when I was in Winnipeg for 28 days?” (Prior to her departure to Winnipeg, Kaciulis sent Ms. King a very sharp e-mail stating that once she wasin the city she will speak to APTN and “anybody else” who will listen). This failureby Ms. King to act and to intervene personally was, in this columnist's opinion, a grave mistake. While the BRHA may believe that it has received much "flack" up until now, the real criticism is just storming down. The aboriginal political organizations, Chiefs and opposition Kaciulis has sent her complaint to are
moving in (see related BRHA story on page 1 and Dr. Jon Gerrard’s op-ed piece on page 19). She needs a rebuttal that clears the
BRHA which she is not going to receive. Kaciulis told me “this is not about me. This is about my people”. Ass-kissing BRH management: Gloria King also defended Dr. Hisham Tassi - who
in fiscal year 2008 was the highest paid BRHA employee hovering around a half million dollars ($452,000 salary + fee for service)
- in the phone conversation by calling him “a very good doctor”. I wonder what are Ms. King’s criteria for the honorary stature of “a very good doctor”? It obviously isn’t patient satisfaction surveys. It is also not random exit surveys. It is not even complication rates. Because the BRHA does not compile, maintain and publish such recordson a regular, ongoing basis. Then what is it?Would Ms. King call other doctors who are in conflict with BRHA management (Dr. Sardiwalla, Ghazali, Asskar, Hassan, Ibrahim
and others) “very good doctors”? The criterion, in my opinion, seems to be a physician’s appeasement (ass-kissing) to BRHA
senior management. Dr. Tassi with Sardiwalla: Of all BRHA
physicians, Dr. Hisham Tassi, in my opinion, takes ass-kissing BRHA senior management to new heights. More than one physician has
complained to me that Dr. Tassi has worked against them to appease senior management. In the public interest, I will now correlate the
story of surgeon Dr. Ismail Sardiwalla, who worked in the BRHA for 7 years before movingas far from the BRHA in Canada as possible
(to Sydney, Nova Scotia). In June 2 of 2009, I wrote a column on Dr. Sardiwalla. According to Sardiwalla, Gloria King sent him
an e-mail requesting a rebuttal. In Dr. Sardiwalla’s own words, he “totally ignored her”. Dr. Sardiwalla’s last 12 months at work
was rife with shouting...

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