Story on Sharon McIvor

128 Centennial Drive
Thompson, Manitoba

December 24, 2010

Executive Director
College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM)
890 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg MB R3M 2M8
R8N 1K1


Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Sharon Mcivor and I am a 56 year old female resident of Thompson, Manitoba I commute daily for my employment as a First Nation Mental Health Counsellor in Nelson House, Manitoba
I have gone through an ordeal that few on the face of the planet will ever face. My case has gone public, it has been debated in the Manitoba legislature, published by the Liberal Party of Manitoba in the local newspaper in Thompson and in Grassroots News. Despite this publicity, there is one person who has not even bothered to ask how I am doing or if I have any needs.. It has been completely ignored by Burntwood Regional Health Authority CEO Gloria King.

I feel Ms. King failed to accept her responsibility as CEO, I also feel she lacks compassion. This is a required duty under the College of Nurses of Manitoba Act. I feel her lack of compassion was clearly evident when Ms. King failed to contact me directly, but had a physician telephone me (Dr. Tassi) to try and persuade or entrap me into saying things that could be used against me. Although I feel both individuals in the BRHA acted unprofessionally and without compassion, this complaint is only related to Ms. King as a graduate of CRNM.

Due to professional negligence by around a dozen BRHA physicians I now suffer permanent disability. These physicians misdiagnosed me 21 times over 17 months. Each and every single one of them thought I had a middle ear infection; when, in fact I had Chiari I Malformation. I was finally diagnosed by a visiting physician from Winnipeg who requested an urgent MRI exam that pinpointed Chiari I Malformation. I underwent major surgery but after permanent damage has already taken place.

I first tried to contact Ms. King, CEO of BRHA, in August of 2008. I requested a family physician refer me to the ENT specialist in Thompson General Hospital. I waited for nearly a month but never received a phone call for an appointment. I than called Ms. King's office and was told she was not there. Vivian Salmon was her acting on behalf of Ms. King and Ms. Salmon told me “she (Gloria King) will contact you when she get's back”. I never received that phone call. I eventually took matters into my own hands and had the clinic fax my referral across the street to the specialists office.

The physician continued to misdiagnose me and my situation deteriorated. I would start having bouts that increased in length and duration. Rather than lasting hours, my bouts would last days. Things got so bad that on May 23, 2009, I collapsed at a local restaurant in Thompson, called the Hub. I was taken to Thompson General Hospital by ambulance. I was in a vegetative state, nearly lost my bowel functions and could hardly move. The physician at the hospital ER misdiagnosed me as having a “bad bout of gall bladder”.

I was now very angry and demanded that someone listen to me. I again tried to contact Ms. King. Again, she was not in her office. And again, Vivian Salmon was filling in for her. Vivian Salmon told me that Ms. King would contact me when she returns. I never received that phone call from Ms. King either. I also insisted that the MRI that was booked for me be held sooner, but Ms. Salmon told me “you need to get that from a doctor”. The misdiagnoses from BRHA physicians continued and the duration and frequency of my attacks increased. Frustrated and desperate, I went back to the walk-in clinic, where I found Dr. Cleto, a visiting doctor from Winnipeg. I begged Dr. Cleto and told him “do me a favor, please listen to me. I have been here over a year, I can't hear, I have double vision, I'm numb on one side and I keep falling on my leg with no energy. I need help. I need an urgent request for an MRI.”

Dr. Cleto had two other doctors sign...

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