Health care in Northern Manitoba is being ingored and we have receieved many allegations from the Cizitnes from Nrothern Manitoba, and in particular inidigenous peoples of malpractice

Ann Kaciulis, Karen Chevillard, Pamela Groening and Sharon McIvor would like to invite all citizens from the BRHA region to share their stories of negligence or misdiagnosis leading to harm. This could include those who have lost loved ones this way. We are particularly interested if the negligence occurred within the last couple of years. Friends of Effective Health Care in Northern Manitoba fully support and value our precious universal health care system in Canada, and recognize that we are privileged in this country. The problem is that we have been hearing many stories of inferior care in the BRHA region that have, many times, led to tragedy or pain for the people seeking help. We believe that all people deserve to have excellent health care. We have heard about the terrible suffering that has been caused so unnecessarily had people been treated competently and respectfully.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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4. Sharon McIvor - [email protected]