sorry ive been gone

Thankyou to all who have joined and recruited. Please keep telling our school board how important Douglass and its faculty is. Again Thankyou to all! UPDATE #1 Thank you to every one that has joined and recruited people to join. From my sources the new…Read More

school board info

Member Title Term Expires Contact Information *Jan Mees President April 2013 Phone: (573) 445-7781 E-mail: [email protected] Mail: 2746 Willowbark Court, Columbia, MO 65203 *Dr. Tom Rose Vice President April 2011 Phone: (573) 449-3791 E-mail:…Read More

2012 closing of douglass

We have a year to try to make a difference. I know not every one graduated from Douglass but we all took a piece of it with us when we left. Little by little it has been shoved in to the darkness and been forgotten. We as those who remember what a great place…Read More
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