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Midge is doing very well I hear! I'm going to see her after she's had her surgery and I will make sure to post pictures on this page. I know she saw the vet today and I believe she is having her surgery tomorrow. Like I said before, if you would like to…Read More

Midge has left the building!

I'm so happy to announce that Midge was rescued today and will be seeing a vet tomorrow. I want to thank everyone so much for chipping in and being a part of her rescue. And I'll make sure to have Noah's Bark post an update so that we can all follow sweet…Read More

Newest Update: 10:35 AM

We're at $505 in donations. You people rock! The goal is $800 so we are $295 away from getting there. Let's make it impossible for a rescue to say no!

Update in Donations

We are now at $485 in donations. The goal of $800 is getting closer! Just need to make up the difference of $315. Please keep networking this girl!
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