Midge is a 3yr old Chihuahua in the South LA Animal Shelter. She came into the shelter with a fractured pelvis and requires immediate surgery. She is in danger of being euthanized tomorrow 1/13/2011

I have started a chipin and now have $335 but my goal is $800. I need this TODAY since she only has today. Please donate ANYTHING you can and share the heck out of this cause. I have a warm crate and quiet home ready for her once she is ready to start the healing process. Eventually once she is healed and the right home has been found she would be adopted out. Her chipin is listed above but here it is again: http://pamelagorman.chipin.com/midge-the-injured-chi

1. http://pamelagorman.chipin.com/midge-the-injured-chi