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To Jamie's angels!! Time for a short update! Jamie continues undergoing dialysis 3 times a week, 3 1/2 hrs a visit. Recently, she underwent surgery on her catheter, and all turned out well. Jamie remains so positive, so upbeat, and so grateful to God for every day she has. Such an inspiration to anyone that knows her.

I need to correct a slight misconception caused by the terminology I used when creating this page for Jamie. The funds we are seeking are not required to literally "qualify" Jamie for her transplant, although they are a requirement of Methodist Transplant Center here in Memphis. These funds assure the transplant center that the balance of the cost of surgery will be covered (Jamie doesn't have "regular" insurance or supplemental insurance) and that necessary medication can be afforded after her transplant is received. I understand that medications can run over $1,000 a month after the procedure.

No attempt was made to deceive or mislead anyone with the term "qualify"...Jamie qualifies from need and because she has been totally compliant in her diet and fluid restrictions for over 20 years!!!

That being said, lets continue to recruit new members. Post this page on your Facebook page!! Let others read about Jamie and make their own decision. Let's continue to raise the funds needed for Jamie while she continues to meet all the medical requirements and pass all of the medical tests they require of her. Continue to pray that this will be done for her.

Currently there is over $3,400 in Jamie's fund!! That's outstanding, but more is needed. Many of you continue to donate weekly, God bless you all, and any amount helps!!! I know it's not easy to take off work and drive to a Regions Bank to donate. If you will let me know, I will find a way for your donation to be realized!!! We have received checks in the mail from as far away as Oregon, Florida, Minnesota and every where between. Jamie's angels are everywhere!!!!

Best wishes to all and please help!!!

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