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Over 1,800 members here now. How wonderful is that for our Jamie???? I try to drop by Regions Banks every pay day and make a small donation. I can promise you, none of you receive a smaller pay check than Many of you have donated previously and many of you have donated more than once. If all 1,800 + members here would donate $10.00 we would exceed out goal and help save a beautiful life. If you are having a problem finding a Regions Banks location in your area please dont hesitate to contact me here for a way to make your donation. Just $10.00....or any amount...every dollar helps. As for me, I have given up Starbucks until we reach our goal and the money I would spend there goes to the Jamie Jordan Transplant Fund. Also setting aside the change from my pocket every day and saving it to be donated as well. A simple thing for me to sacrifice for a wonderful person and for her life.

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