Please help Jamie

Lets not forget Jamie's struggle. Our effort is not over yet. Jamie now receives dialysis in her legs using large gauge needles. She no longer has the use of a catheter. Her doctors are placing her high on the transplant list very soon because of her need.…Read More


To Jamie's angels!! Time for a short update! Jamie continues undergoing dialysis 3 times a week, 3 1/2 hrs a visit. Recently, she underwent surgery on her catheter, and all turned out well. Jamie remains so positive, so upbeat, and so grateful to God for…Read More


Over 1,800 members here now. How wonderful is that for our Jamie???? I try to drop by Regions Banks every pay day and make a small donation. I can promise you, none of you receive a smaller pay check than Many of you have donated previously and many…Read More

Jamie's Heros bracelets available now!!!!

Exciting news!! Jamie's friend, Mandy Bassett, has ordered and is making available "Jamie's Heros" bracelets to everyone. They are in now and have been placed on EBay for $2.00 each with profits going to the "Jamie Jordon Transplant Fund" at Regions bank!!!…Read More

Great news on testing!!

We have out first angel being tested for a possible match to Jamie!! I will respect thsir privacy and not name them here but trust me....this is an angel on earth!! It takes strong compassion....character.....and love for humanity to even be tested as a live…Read More

Correction on Jamies dialysis access

Forgive me, but I had misunderstood the information on Jamies dialysis access. Its isnt in her neck. I have heard from Jamie thie morning and here is what she says about her access point and the need for urgency in receiving her transplant: Jamie Jordan…Read More

Jamie's dialysis

Forgive me for telling Jamie, but I have discovered that Jamie undergoes her dialysis through veins in her neck now. Her arms are not able to withstand the shunts and they cant use her legs. I cant imagine this and how it must be for Jamie. Please....dont…Read More
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