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Jamie's Heros bracelets available now!!!!

Exciting news!! Jamie's friend, Mandy Bassett, has ordered and is making available "Jamie's Heros" bracelets to everyone. They are in now and have been placed on EBay for $2.00 each with profits going to the "Jamie Jordon Transplant Fund" at Regions bank!!! Mandy is even offering to pay the shipping. Jamie does have angels in her life, witness Mandy and all of you that have joined this cause and donated to her fund.

We are still growing and dont want to stop until we reach our goal of $20,000 for Jamie. The need is critical, please help today! I know many of you have donated already, but with over 1,700 members all we would have to do is donate another $10.00 each this week and we will have surpassed out goal!!! Tomorrow is payday for many.....just drop by any Regions Bank and ask for the "Jamie Jordan Transplant Fund" to make your donation.

The link to the bracelets is here. Go and give $2.00 for yours today!!!

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