Cape Town Guardian Angels - Fundraiser

Cape Town Guardian Angels have been asked to assist in raising funds for physically challenged persons on 6 & 7 June. This fund-raiser will be in the form of a 24-hour long 'Spinning' marathon in Camps Bay at the beachfront. All members of the cause who…Read More

South Africa 2010

All Guardian Angels who will be attending the 2010 Football World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa, need to submit to criminal background checks by the South African National Intelligence Agency. Please submit details including: Country of origin, City/chapter,…Read More

Israel Guardian Angels

Well, after more than a week in Israel we now have the first project in Israel, Project Guardian Angel, up and running. Safety patrols will start in the next few weeks. Hopefully the Israeli Guardian Angels will be able to contribute to peace in their society…Read More

Upload Pictures

Hi all Guardian Angels and their supporters. This is a request to upload pictures you may have of Guardian Angels to the Causes page. A good example of this would be Antonie Prieto who'se chapter has done amazing work in Peru, and Baltimore with their…Read More

Is the SA government failing South Africans?

I opened a discussion topic that came about after I received some crucial information (thanks Cindi). Read through this post and then share your feelings about it. My initial response was" "No WAY can this be true!", but, the author provides his resources…Read More

The next step in our fight against crime.

The city council of Cape Town is on the verge of allocating a building to be used as a headquarters for Guardian Angels. This is the culmination of more than 3 years of frustration and will be a historic occasion making it the first official headquarters for…Read More

Guardian Angels South African Headquarters

Guardian Angels South africa is getting a permanent headquarters in Parow, Cape Town! For those of you in Cape Town, it is behind Parow MacDonalds, next to De la Rey road, adjacent to the municipal swimming pool in Parow Valley and we should be taking…Read More
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