A New Era is Dawning!

Update: The New Niche will open late January. Its new venue, on Walker St, just off the Wicker in Sheffield City Centre, is having extensive work done to it inside, so that when Niche finally opens, it will be an incredible sight to behold inside and a place…Read More

The Beast called NICHE is awakening!

Yes, peeps, the new Niche nighclub, will be sited on Walker Street in the Wicker area of Sheffield. It plans to open this December. Thanks for ALL your support! :)

Niche To Return To Sheffield?

Well, folks, its been a long long time hasn't it? Ever since the legendary Sydney Street building was raised to the ground earlier on this year, there have been two amazing farewell events staged in honour of The Niche nightclub, and the incredible memories…Read More

Sidney Street Farewell REUNION Party

9 DJ's, 8 hours. Be there early to guarantee entry! 10pm while 6am.

Support DROP: The Undergrounds Forgotten Sound

6 Days Left to help Fund Drop! Please get involved ... Documentary focused on the Bassline music scene that emerged in Sheffield and the Niche nightclub. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-drop-the-undergrounds-forgotten-sound#/

NICHEBACKINTHEDAY website and facebook :)

NicheBackInTheDay A trip down memory lane for old Niche members from back in the day. Catch up on all the latest news regarding Niche. Check us out on Facebook to catch up with your old Niche friends.…Read More

Time - Shaolin Master Feat. The Flirtations

"I can never resist... It's like something special takes over me to play this track! It's NICHE through and through... Maybe that's why i love it." - Niche Backintheday
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