Message 11

Well, what can I say? How low can this government get, they are now going to reform the DLA paid to thousands of people to save money and stop paying the allowance to thousands of people like I predicted. Please, Please invite as many people as possible to…Read More

Message 10

It is nice to know that disabled people still have the law on their side when it comes to discrimination rights. Birmingham City Council have just been told it is is unlawful to enforce cuts towards the disabled. Please see the link attached, and their is…Read More

Message 9

Please help all of the Ex-Service personnel that are injured of pensioned out of service by joining: Regards, Mick Clarke

Message 9

I wonder how many people will be pushed over the edge when DLA is cut: This government does not care...

Message 8

This is evidence that the Job Centre's have targets to fill and a whistleblower from the Guardian Newspaper group explains how he has got to rip citizens off and stop DLA claims from going through for…Read More

Message 7

It is so sad that the disabled within our society have to fight for civil rights, just to survive and get by day to day. The government no matter which country you live in, put extra strains and stresses on individuals that deserve to be treated…Read More

Message 6

Now it is the new tax year, beware, the government have set targets for the Medical Practitioners to meet, that carry out your medical for ESA, DLA and other benefits. Not only do you get treated as an alien when out and about, but now the government think…Read More
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