To end alcohol, other drug abuses and AIDs.

Hugs Not Drugs® is a Program Service of the 501(c)3 non-profit, Family Life International, Inc.

Prevention of alcohol and other drug abuses, AIDS, Hepatitis C, poisons, etc. by early education of children is the most important parental task today.

Love works.....parents and children interacting about drug abuse prevention, listening and speaking effectively, non-judgementally, in a loving environment...a giant, all-encompassoing HUG, now that works!

The organization sponsors a website, a radio show, a blog, and a downloadable, free Hugs Not Drugs® Family Workbook.

The Hugs Not Drugs® Program spreads its healthy message through the Internet, all media, plus disseminates cause-related materials, like T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, etc. We help parents educate themselves and their young, school-age children in health, mental health, financial health, in short anything which creates a happy, healthy, productive family, including prevention of tobacco use, alcohol/drug abuse, and AIDS.

Currently, the organization is looking nation-wide, city by city, community by community for leaders to be trained to start and run local Hugs Not Drugs® Clubs.

1. Parents have power to prevent drug/alcohol abuses and AIDS.

2. Healthy, educated, loving families prevent alcohol/drug abuses.

3. End AIDS by stopping drug/alcohol abuses.

4. Start your local Hugs Not Drugs® International Club.