Hi to all members of The SA Guide Dogs Association

Hi All members. Please go to the link attched and 'click" like as we will use this page to upload and interact more effectively going forward as the cause page is rather limited. Kind…Read More

Please vote for my proposal on the NLDF (National Lottery Distribution Fund)

SA Guide Dogs has applied for funding over the years and always declined, or recieve way less that we appeal for. The NLDF dont supply valid reasons for this hence my appeal to visit my home page : Noel Midlane and vote under my question. The funds (public…Read More

The SA National Lottery Distribution Fund

Dear Members Please read the open letter sent to the NLDFT drafted by Ralph Freese and lets show support for this effort he has started. In 2010 the NLDF claim to have allocated R3.4 Billion to various charities , in fact this amount was for 2009 appeals and…Read More

NAC show their support for Guide Dogs!

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Dear Guide Dog Supporter Please visit the MY SCHOOL webpage and vote for SA GUIDE DOGS We invite you to vote for your favourite charity and make a difference. They could receive a much-needed R15 000, R7 500 or R5 000 cash donation from MySchool for the…Read More

The 2011 Guide Dogs Charity Golf Day

Dear Supporters Thank you so much for all the new memberships to our cause! The 2011 Guide Dogs Charity Golf Day will take place at Country Club Johannesburg on the 25th May. Please enter a company fourball for only R2400 including green fees and a meal at…Read More

Do you want to make a donation to SA Guide Dogs?

Dear cause members. Currently the cause site only allows for US based non profits to recieve donations. Should you wish to make a donation kindly visit our website www.guidedog.org.za and effect your donations via that medium. If you do decide to donate…Read More
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