Save Trestles, Stop the 241

The 241 (Foothill-South Toll Road) extension would bisect San Onofre State Beach, force the closure of a popular campground, violate California law by disturbing a Juaneno Indian sacred site on public land, and impact the surf break at Trestles, the world-famous surf break which remains the only spot on the World Championship Tour of Surfing in the mainland USA.

Not only that, but it's poorly planned, woefully financed, and a massive inducement to traffic - not a relief.

That's right - the 241 will wreck the environment; it will do it in a most incompetent, inefficient, and uneconomical manner; and the result will be much worse traffic. SO STOP THE 241!

1. California State Law must be respected.

2. Trestles Beach, San Onofre State Beach and Juaneno Burial Site must be protected

3. The 241 Toll Road Extension plan must be rejected.