Cruader's Award

Huge congratulations to our very own Bob Fiddaman for receiving a well deserved award at the 43rd Annual Award Ceremony of the CCHR [Citizens Commission on Human Rights] last Saturday in Los Angeles. Well done Bob for all your years of hard work in the fight…Read More


For those of you with blogs please post the following html and create a widget for this cause ( Thanks Fid

SSRI Discussion Forum "You Are a Child of the Universe, No Less than the Trees or the Stars" A knowledge and information packed site of interest to those supporting this cause.

BBC Radio 4 - 8pm on Tuesday 18/01/2011 BITTER MEDICINE TO SWALLOW

How cuts in legal aid will effect people trying to sue drug companies!!! Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, 18 January at 8pm. "After years of legal proceedings which the claimants' solicitors say have so far cost £3.25m, the Legal Services Commision refused…Read More

Fantastic Response

I can hardly believe the success so far. 151 supporters since Sunday night ... brilliant! Thank you all for your dedication in helping to highlight the theft of life by Big Pharma!!! Bring it on!!!!!


Wow ... 98 supporters in 24 hours ... thank you all. Keep sharing and spreading the word - add a widget to your blogs, webpages etc and let's get this noticed around the world.
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